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Fall Equinox Day Retreat

Next retreat date:

San Francisco
Sunday September 24th 2023

9.00am - 5pm

The Fall Equinox isn't just a change in the weather or in the Earth's positioning. It also represents a shift in the energy of our body and our mind. As we transition from Summer to Fall we begin to settle down from the heat and excitement of Summer and turn inward for Winter. It is traditionally an occasion for gratitude as we celebrate the abundance of the harvest.


Location: Bilik Yoga ShalaSan Francisco

Registration: All levels of experience welcome. ​Investment: $165 per person.

What to expect:

In this retreat we learn how to release old energy and recharge. We move, we breathe, we bring our attention and intention to balancing the Vata dosha in Ayurveda through warming, grounding, and balancing the body. By focusing our heart on this intention, we can turn the Fall Equinox into a conscious ritual that marks the transition of external and internal seasons of life.


We start our practice with strong heart opening flow, restorative yoga and walking meditation to Golden Gate Park. We follow with a nourishing Indonesian lunch back at the studio. Then study of Dosha, breath work, seated meditation and mindful journey to Padmasana / Lotus pose

What should I bring? 

  • Personal yoga mat and any special props that you'd like

  • A notebook

  • A scarf or blindfold for mindfulness activity

  • A metal tablespoon

  • Water bottle and snacks

There will be blocks and straps.

Cancelation policy

Please cancel at least 2 weeks before the retreat for a full refund, minus $30 administrative fee. 

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